Project Description

“My Ideal City” was a global virtual project conducted in four cities – Venice, Copenhagen, Lisbon, and Jerusalem, commissioned by the European Union and the Bloomfield Science Museum. According to Chitayat:

“Working with computer game technology allowed people to wander through virtual space as avatars and to meet other people. The citizens of Jerusalem imagined an ideal city that was very different from that of the citizens of other cities. They shared deep anxiety for the other, and a severe lack of futuristic, metaphysical, fantastic vision.

Three-dimensional models of the city, real and virtual, depicted the complex ideal city. From outside it looks like a cluster of small, semi-autonomous communities that wish to live apart. When you enter, you see layers of the past and the future. So, when you wander through space you can sense kaleidoscopic visions on every level.

The virtual city was planned in the form of a Möbius strip, connecting the west side with the east. The separate clusters cease to exist, and the virtual site offers a platform for discussing ideas of coexistence, an absence of government, and layered histories.”

Project Details

Lila Chitayat, artist

Installation, mixed media


In collaboration with the Bloomfield Science Museum, Jerusalem

collaboration with Graphic design: Ori Succary Studio

My Ideal Jerusalem, 2010- 6