Project Description

Last week, at 4 am, a silent convoy of trees made its way through the main Jaffa Street in center Jerusalem, toward Zion Square.

The ‘Temporary Urban Grove’  will be visiting the concrete urban environment for  three weeks, making place for a dynamic, green & shaded new urban experience for city dwellers to slow down their pace, meet, interact and play. The installation asks to allow a green insertion to a busy and tense urban space.

The installation consists of 45 movable earth made units including 20 fruit trees and 4 different types of Jerusalem earth.

The modular system suggests to rethink urban nature and is designed to transform the concrete piazza with a new earthlike topography. This modular system, combining 6 various units set in a mathematical pattern is built on wheels and offers the city dwellers to reshape the urban common space together every day into a space choreography of ever- changing needs.

Zion Square, which over the last few years has evolved from center of West Jerusalem, into a transit, has recently become an urban meeting point, but not in a particularly positive sense; from political riots to extreme social groups that empower the congested square. The installation wishes to melt down these barriers through a green and earthly insertion and make place for new intimate resting spots, places to wander and magic of nature to appear.

Out of Zion” is a joint project with the Jerusalem Season of Culture and the Muslala Group  and designer and architect, Lila Chitayat.

Project Details

Architect & Designer: Lila Chitayat

Collaboration with: Musllala Group & Jerusalem Season


Artistic director of Muslala: Matan Israeli

Artisitc director Mekudeshet: Itay Mautner

Project manager: Eyal Lavit

Poducer: Kobi Frig

Construction and Earth Sculpture: Adamahi led by Daphna Yalon

Urban Agrigulture: Eden Rooftop Center led by Ella Gil

Structural construction: Shavit Yaron

unit typography
photo: Arik Poterman