Project Description
New Types: Three Pioneers of Hebrew Graphic Design

An exhibition design, presenting the works of Moshe Spitzer, Franzisca Baruch, and Henri Friedlaender that studied and worked in pre-World War II Germany before immigrating to Israel, where they continued to work as pioneering graphic designers in Israel.

The exhibition, curated by Ada Vardi,  explores the work process of each one including the emblem of the City of Jerusalem, the Hadassah typeface, and books published by Tarshish.

The space is set as a ‘studio’ working environment for the three. It is designed as a SPATIAL FONT providing each designer a setup that represents his/her way of working.

The design explores transforming the rigidity, accuracy and minimalism of topography design, into space design. Through 24 custom-made unique furniture units we explore more that 400 delicate rare sketches, books and object.

Project Details

Project: Exhibition Design

Client: Israel Museum, Jerusalem

photo’s by Eli Posner