Project Description

Human touch and physical relationships are growing hazier in the age of social networks and virtual interactions. Intimacy lacks simple body gestures of caress and touch. Waking life , seeks to realize new mental encounters and expressions of care through digital realms and questions our short termed enthusiasm to set new encounters. As opposed to what we know from machine/ body interaction,  here we are asked to wait, patiently and still. It is with very slow hand gestures only, that we can expose timid and intangible characters. As long as we will wait, they will set a slow and steady relation with us, coming toward us and becoming vivid and clear. With any false or unsynced movement, they will dissolve again The project is site specific portraying scenes and characters from the site it is set in. Waking Life was first realised and inspired at the Hansen House in Jerusalem then exhibited at Kiev

Project Details

Project: Interactive installation Collaborating with: Alon Chitayat, soul Royal, Itay Niv